My name is Jasmine Nichols, and I’m a 14-year-old girl who loves art, music and taking risks in life. I’m definitely someone who wants to try something daring and exciting when I grow up. When I was still a little kid, out of all my friends I was always the one who wanted to try everything, no matter the risk. Now that I’m a little older, I have become more conservative in the things I do because now I understand the risk, consequences, and reward in everything one does. With that said though, I still enjoy doing the more risky things in life. But I also love sitting around and doing relaxed activities, such as listening to music and doing different forms of art.

When it comes to the things I like to do, I like to do anything from active to absolutely lazy. Personally, it doesn’t matter too much to me what I do as long as I’m with my friends, and we’re having fun.  But the one thing I like to do alone would be my artwork, but only if I’m trying to really create something beautiful and meaningful. If I don’t want to create anything nice then that’s when I like doing art with others, because otherwise there’s a lot of distractions, and other people’s opinions might change what I wanted my artwork to originally look like. If I’m hanging out with my friends I would prefer to do something active, and something that involves competition. For example, playing basketball. I like it when my friends and I split into teams and try to compete. Competition is another thing I like. I like competition because most of the time, you’re trying your very best to beat the opposing team/player, and you’re risking a lot just to win. And when you do win, it feels extremely rewarding because you remember all the work you put in just so you feel victory.

So this is some insight and information on me, as a person.

School & Extracurricular activities



Aspiring Racer, Artist, & Entrepreneur


  • Received Best Practicer at Basketball
  • Finished 3 weeks of yoga and HIIT training
  • Learned Adobe Illustrator basics.
  • Making money off of designs to support racing
  • Podiumed in each of the classes I was racing in (AMA)


  • Getting ready for school
  • Start eating smarter/better/like an athlete
  • Pushing myself to become better rider/racer
  • Making money from my designs to support my racing
  • Staying fit and healthy for my races, and track days
  • Remembering to always have fun, and not grow up too fast


  • Becoming a well known accomplished rider, that always gives back to the people who supported me
  • Becoming a well known Graphic designer/Entrepreneur
  • Getting a six pack (abs).
  • Becoming someone who makes background Music to sell
  • Having a family someday