Here’s a collection of photos & videos of my various activities – Racing, Hobbies, Family Life.

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CRA R3 – Race 1: 16 Lap Bellissimoto/Feel Like A Pro GT start. Last to first by the first turn 😁.

Thank you @spearsracing, @sharkhelmets_usa, @riderzlawracing @motorrev_suspensiontuning @mithos_sport for the support, the mentorship and the race advice.

Road America Round over. DQ'd for being too light combined. Denied provisional grid spot 😢….we'll add weight and see what happens at Lguna Seca.

Inspired by one of my fav Disney flicks….I made ratatouille tonight!

Throwback Thursday to Christmas Day 2018❤️🐕

Throwback Thursday to the day I accepted Jesus, forever changing my life's trajectory💕

Training for the CRA round coming up 👍

If only we had those Nitro buttons on our bikes 😂

Thank you to Shark Helmets for my new Race-R Pro GP helmet. The fit, the finish, the graphic…everything about it is perfect 🐼 approved