Shark Helmets is the choice of many of the top racers in the world and is the helmet that the Panda wears to perform at her very best

M1GP is where JN first developed her riding abilities on minimotos and where she continues to train and hone her race craft. 

Jasmine feels safe riding on the street knowing that Better Call Sy has her back, should an accident occur. 

A long standing favorite of Jasmine, Forma offers optimal protection for both riding and racing. 

The one stop shop if you’re in need of speed, and where the Panda goes to get all of her go-fast parts. 

Mithos is one of the top of the line suits out there, and is what the Panda trusts to keep her safe. 

JN prefers VNM base layers over the rest to keep cool and slide her leathers on and off with ease.

Jasmine’s bike doesn’t run on will power alone, she runs on Blud Lubricants top of the line oil.